Saturday, October 15, 2011


Well folks.
Our life has changed dramatically over the last four months. But let me tell you news about Kim since that was my last blog.
She is doing great. The baby is due in four weeks. Jonathan Archer Knight (isn't that a great name?) has Spina Bifida but his prognosis is good! He kicks his little legs, a lot. Kim said that the base of his spine is closed, so that means that no amniotic fluid has entered his brain. YAY! We all cannot wait to meet this little guy who has already had more adventure and drama than most of us will have in a lifetime!

Will is now an Assistant Resident Director at UMHB. That means we live on a college campus, in a college apartment with college students. We love it.
I am teaching preschool and I am the Children's Director for Vista Community Church. I love it.
JR is going an elementary school that we really like. I never thought I would send my children to public school, but this one is great!
AJ is going to preschool at the same school that I teach at.

All in all, it's good.
So far, this year.
Life is more gentle.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prayer request for the newest baby.

Let me tell you about my little sister Kim.
Kim is my smart, beautiful, precious sister, who keeps a secret like a vault, lives life with quiet dignity and has just received news that is rocking her world.
She is expecting, due in November, and is the type of girl that makes pregnancy adorable.
Yesterday, she found out that the doctors are pretty sure the baby has spina bifida. But there may be other complications. We are waiting to hear what the doctors will say after some more testing.

Now, I know without a doubt that Kim and her husband Jeff are the people who would be the most precious parents to a special needs child. I know that they believe that God is good. That God is in control, and that whatever happens, they are going to praise Him.
This will not crush them.
This will not break them
I am certain.
But I also know that it is difficult and terrifying to rest without answers.

Please pray with my family:

that Kim and Jeff would have peace and wisdom.
That they would rest and be permeated with sweet joy.
That the Lord would bring life and healing according to His nature.
That our heavenly Father would be so close to that baby that he/she would be like Moses coming down from the mountain, bright with shekinah glory.

Kim and Jeff, we wait with you, we pray with you, we love you. Whatever this means, we will walk with you through it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011


It's been a while friends.
We have been traversing the thrilling (terrifying) ground of unemployment these last 10 months.
I found a couple of part time jobs and Will has been the intrepid entrepreneur that he has always been,
and we have made it work.

And believe it or not, the last few months have actually been (dare I say it)

You see, Will caters to the underground world of vintage clothing junkies. He wholesales to vintage clothing shops in Austin.
We spend Saturdays in the car, going from estate sale to garage sale, to junk shop, To look for Levis, pearl snap shirts, and wear-worn boots.

It's a treasure hunt that always smells like sweaty old man.

And. We. LOVE it.
Well, we do now.

Will has always loved it.
He craves the thrill of the hunt.
I am a terrible hunter.
I hated the smell of thrift stores
But most of all,
I dreaded the almost inevitable gift bestowed upon my doe-eyed children.

It starts with: "Aww, all kiddos need 'dem some towhys (toys). Hep yuhsef kids."

And then the four tooth smile and the hand with the lit cigarette gesturing to the toy bin.

Ah, the constant generosity of these roadside philanthropists.

Thread bare stuffed animals,
An odd coin.

And if you go back twice, they remember your name.


And it made me feel totally out of control.

Interestingly enough, that is one of the reasons I actually enjoy it now.

Because, really, our life and circumstances have been out of my control for almost a year now and wouldn't you know it,
we are okay.
Great, actually.

In fact, I realized the other day, that the thought of a steady paycheck leaves me feeling a little odd.
Like something is getting taken away.
Crazy? Maybe.

Or maybe, God has us here for a reason. Maybe it's not a coincidence that our whole family has learned the exact same lessons:

1. To let go and enjoy the ride
2. To respond to the kindness of the giver rather than always looking at the gift itself.
In other words:

In the unknown.
In the strange world of faith.
In the mess.
Even when JR's favorite toy is a nubby stuffed unicorn with crazy eyes and cigarette burns...

So, there you go.
I can't change it.
It's still terrifying.
But boy is it fun..

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nashville in November

I just wanted you to know how the trip to Nashville went.
Just in case you are in a hurry and you need to know in one word,

But for the three family members that would like to read further, here is the synopsis by day. I know that for anyone who is actually a real musician, the dictionary at the end is going to let you know that, well, I know NOTHING. But don't make fun.

November 15th
~ preproduction at Pentavarit Studio with Andy Osenga.
~ scratch tracks were made for the first 5 songs.
~ Met Allison, Andy's wife and we ate at Baja Burrito (yum)
~ Hung out with Britt, Bobby and Jen, ate Jen's fabulous cooking.

November 16th
~ scratch tracks were made for the next 5 songs
~ Britt came and hung out at the studio.
~ Ate at McDougals (yum as well)
~ Ate at Baja again (super yum)

November 17th
~ Smoakstack Studio to begin laying tracks for bass (James Gregory) and drums (Will Sayles).
~ Ate at Baja again (super super yum)
~ Listened, learned a lot. And marveled at amazing musicians with my jaw hanging down to the floor most of the day.

November 18th
~ Smoakstack again with Andrew, James and Will. Finished laying down bass and drums for all ten songs.
~ drank a lot of coffee and tried to keep my jaw from dislocating again (these guys are amazing!!!)
~ ate at Calypso. (Does the yum ever end?)
~ hung out with Britt and Jen, ate more of Jen's amazing cooking.

November 19th
~ Listened to all the tracks and made notes about what was going to happen when I come back in January.
~ Flew home to my sweet family, just in time to save me from dying of homesickness!
STUDIO DICTIONARY (stuff I learned that most 4th graders already knew)

scratch track - the song in a raw state. Usually with vocals and bare instrumentation and a click track. Used as a guide for creating the real song track.
Click track - a steady rhythm fed to your cans so that you can stay on beat while you record.
Cans - headphones
Diamonds - whole notes
Preproduction - talking through with the producer all of the ideas and thoughts about each song.
Killer - this is good.
punch you in - insert a part into the music, usually in the middle of the song.

I can't wait to add to this. End of January is the next recording date. I will let you know how it goes!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Manners

The kids displayed table decorum that could have been straight from Mrs. Manners tonight.
It was very pleasant.
I'll tell you about it.
Oh, by the way,
Did you know that JR and AJ have pet names for each other?
JR is "Jestah" and AJ is "Bubbsie".

You also may not know that "Bubbsie" can't say his "r" sound.

And tonight at the dinner table it was:

AJ: Jestah, did you get yuhsef a dwink?
JR: No Bubbsie.
AJ: Don't wuwwee I will get you one. You don't need ice. (he can't reach the ice)
JR: Oh, Bubbsie, let me help you.
AJ: Thanks Jestah.
JR: Your welcome Bubbsie

AJ: Mom, Look, I cut my own food!
JR: I ate my dinner. May I be excused?
AJ: Look at my plate! May I have dessut?
MOM: Sure, but AJ I don't think you have any candy left.
JR: Bubbsie, would you like a piece of mine?
AJ: Thanks Jestah!

Ah, the absolute 1940's of it all!
Too darling!!
I am floored and proud of the little chubby-cheeked cherubs that are gracing the dinner table, but I am realizing that too much sweetness is a little rich for my blood.
It was almost a relief when AJ marched into the living room after dinner, ripped off his shirt and hollered "Hey Dad! Wanna see my nippoles?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweets, Stories and Songs

Tomorrow night come and join me at Temple Bible Church's Outback building from 7-9. There will be about 20 items that we are raffling off and some yummy desserts to eat! This is an event to raise money for the last phase of the recording project in January. (All of the funds for the travel this month have been raised!!! YEA!!!)
Come hang out. Have fun and enjoy the music.
Thank you for your support friends.